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Not much of a surprise that Super 8 won the weekend. Some might look at the $38 million and think that as a failure, but frankly with no “big actors” and it not being a sequel that number is pretty amazing. The film didn’t really cost a lot so I’m sure when everything is said and done the movie will be at least financially a hit. X-Men: First Class dropped to second with around $25 million and lost almost half of its audience from last weekend. Again that sounds bad but frankly that’s pretty good for a film like this. First Class is only about a million off from breaking the studio favorite $100 million mark. The rest of the list is pretty basic. Hangover 2 passed the $200 million dollar mark and just keeps gulping down cash.

Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris is doing very well in a slow limited release. I’m sure the great reviews are helping it. The fourth Pirates film also broke the $200 million dollar mark but is not exactly the block buster people were expecting. Luckily for them though world wide audiences are eating up and the film is on it’s way to a billion dollars. Bridesmaids also continues to make more money and have some decent legs. Kung Fu Panda 2 also continues to make money but has failed to meet some expectations. Still since kids can see movies more than once this film might have legs at least until Cars 2 comes out.

Next week we get Green Lantern and I’m pretty confident that will be the top movie. Will just see how much money it ends up making.

1. Super 8 $38 million

2. X-Men: First Class $25 million

3. The Hangover 2 $18.5 million

4. Kung Fu Panda 2 $16.6 million

5. Pirates 4 $10.8 million

6. Bridesmaids $10.2 million

7. Judy Moody… $6.3 million

8. Midnight in Paris $6.1 million

9. Thor $2.4 million

10. Fast Five $1.7 million

The summer has exploded with a lot of fun movies. This weekend proved people were down to go to the movies. X-Men: First Class opened in the top spot and racking in around $56 million bucks. That might be a little less than people though an X-Men movie should make. Still the studio is happy with the number since they see this film as a restart and without Hugh Jackman starring in it the film in a way lacks “star” power. Still with the reviews this movie has been getting I wouldn’t be surprised if the film has some serious legs. Hangover 2 dropped to second and had a 62% drop in attendance. Still the film is almost at $200 million dollars and is hands down already one of the big hits of the summer.

Kung Fu Panda 2 hung around and broke the $100 million dollar mark. I think it’s a surprise this film hasn’t exploded out the gate and made seriously big bucks. Bridesmaids also broke the $100 million dollars which is huge since the film was under the radar. Since it had a low cost I assume this will also be another big winner.

It should also be noted that Fast Five broke the $200 million dollar mark. So there will obviously be a Fast Six or whatever it’s going to be called. Pirates 4 continues to eat up cash and is closing in on $200 million mark and has also made a lot of money world wide, around $790 million to be exact. Here is the list…

1. X-Men: First Class $56 million

2. The Hangover 2 $32.4 million

3. Kung Fu Panda 2 $24.3 million

4. Pirates of the… $18 million

5. Bridesmaids $12.1 million

6. Thor $4.2 million

7. Fast Five $3.2 million

8. Midnight is Paris $2.9 million

9. Jumping the Broom $0.9 million

10. Something Borrowed $0.8 million