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Movie Review: Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretelWe follow the two characters Hansel and Gretel from the fairytale… The twist is though after they survive being prisoners in a house made of candy owned by a witch, the two young siblings grow up to be witch hunters. At no point is this movie meant to be taken seriously. It’s way over the top bloody and a lot of fun my only problem is it probably could have been even more fun. The one thing you can’t ignore is how strong the leads are, Gemma Arterton is hands down in my opinion one of the best female action leads in a long time. She should be Lara Croft if they ever reboot that franchise. Hansel is played by Jeremy Renner who I’m also enjoying as a go to action star. Problem is this movie easily ran out of things for these two to do and the movie ends up just going through the motions and ending very early in my opinion.

You must go into this movie understanding that everything is done to be a joke. I mean Hansel is diabetic after being locked in a candy house and forced to eat candy. Nothing in this movie is very serious. Even the violence is done with such an over the top style you never find yourself flinching at it. The problem is Hansel and Gretel are so good at what they do the audience never really gets to see how powerful the witches they face off against are. There is a lot that is either ignored or never explained. First off why are all witches women and evil? Why do they have magic powers but never seem to use them very much. I guess that wasn’t the point of the movie though. The main plot is pretty basic a big bad witch played amazingly well by Famke Janssen plans to use “The Blood Moon” and kidnapping children to become immortal. The villains plot is so bland though the movie barely focuses on it.

The action is solid, not choppy with a lot of cut aways. It just gets boring watching Hansel and Gretel shooting at witches. It was hard to understand what time period they were in since they use high powered shot guns and rifles to shoot witches down. I guess the movie was suppose to have a “Steam punk” vibe to it but it just never came off right. I just wish there was a little bit more for the leads to do. At no point do they ever threatened because we find out very early that Hansel and Gretel were blessed with powers that made them immune to witches spells. So they are never in any real danger as they cut apart witches.

The movie flirts with being more than just a one note action film when Hansel and Gretel break up a mob ready to burn a young woman. The always great Derek Mears shows up to play an ass hole Sheriff ready to burn any woman he suspects is a witch. Problem is the film never really picks this story plot up. We also get a little taste of “White witches” who are good and pure and what not, yet the movie doesn’t really focus on them either. In the end the movie is just a short fun little action piece, it could have been more but simply decided against it. That is no fault to the actors in the film who bring it and look like they enjoyed making the film so I give them props, I just wish there was something more to this movie. You know just a little more magic.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Well it might actually happen. At first the concept of a new Bourne film without Matt Damon made me roll my eyes. I’ve come completely around on this one after seeing the trailers. The movie looks really good. Now as rumors are starting to come out that this film will open the door that Bourne wasn’t the only super bad ass on the block the idea that maybe Renner and Damon could team up in a future film seems very possible. I frankly think this is a great idea. Why Damon wanted to stop doing Bourne was because he wanted to try other things. Maybe in a year or so he’d be down to do another movie. I also really like the idea of them doing something like The Avengers where each hero has their own movie but then can come together for an all out action film. If the Bourne films could do this for the spy/action category I think it would be really something to see.

Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) is back in another mission where he finds himself and his team traveling around the world to stop a terrorist. This time around though the stakes are much higher. Hunt and his team are blamed for a bomb that takes out a piece of the Kremlin. The IMF is then shut down, also known as Ghost Protocol. So Hunt and his team are on their own and have to track down the man responsible for the bombing who on top of that is planning on possibly destroying the world with nuclear weapons.

I have always really enjoyed the Mission Impossible films. The first film is frankly a classic spy movie. The second one is a action orgasm directed by John Woo, it goes off course but is still a lot of fun. Mission Impossible 3 was back to form and a really solid action film. This time Brad Bird came on to direct, a Pixar guy, this was his first live action film. Well he hits it out of the park on this one. Ghost Protocol is simply a lot of fun. This film is just packed with brilliant action scenes, comedy, and just fun from start to finish. One moment where Tom Cruise has to climb up the Burj Khalifa(The tallest building in the world located in Dubai) is hands down one of the best action sequences we’ve seen on screen this last decade. Very rarely am I put on the edge of my seat by a movie, but Brad Bird and Cruise had me there and even got me cheering(yes out loud) in the theater.

The cast here is beyond strong, one thing I really enjoyed is we stay with our heroes through out this mission. The villains are menacing but don’t dominate screen time at all. Most of their plan happens off screen. It’s really nice to see Tom Cruise back in action here. Write me down as a huge fan of his. Sure I get he’s done some silly things off screen but I don’t care about any of that. Cruise plays Hunt perfectly here and the dude is an action hero. Simon Pegg plays his nerdy side kick very well. I would really love another two movies or me with him and Cruise playing off each other because it’s amazing here! Jeremy Renner plays a CIA analyst who gets wrapped up in everything here. Rumor is his character is going to step in and take over for Cruise’s Hunt. I’m down with that since Renner did a really good job here and I could see him becoming a staple in the series. Paula Patton is not only stunning but plays a great agent with a revenge agenda in her back ground. This entire team just works so well on screen that once the film ended I wanted another Mission Impossible to be in the works.

I’ve never wanted a sequel more, Ghost Protocol is so much fun. It’s pacing is astonishing, it only slows down in a couple places, when it does it actually gives us great little character moments for the team. If you can see this film on IMAX, some images in this film are stunning to the eyes. This film really shows that Brad Bird is on his way to be a go to director for any big franchise. This film has set the mark early for all the block busters. Mission accomplished!

Rating: 9.5/10

Jeremy Renner needs to thank Ben Affleck on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love Renner, I’ll never forget his role in the Academy Award winning Best Picture The Hurt Locker. The role I will really never forget though is his villain role in the film SWAT. I remember watching that movie and seeing him and saying: “What a bad ass”.

After his role in The Town, his career has exploded. He is lined up to play Hawkeye for Marvel Studios. He is lined up to be Tom Cruises replacement in the Mission Impossible series and now he’s the new Jason Bourne in the film The Bourne Legacy. Now I don’t think he is playing the same Bourne that Matt Damon played. I believe they are planning on basically making the name Jason Bourne be like the 00 system in the Bond films. That it’s only a name that is used as a cover. Will see if audiences buy this or not but Renner is lying up to be the major action star of this generation. I believe this is a good thing, he’s very talented and unlike other actors being pushed on us as action stars(Looking at you Taylor Lautner). So bring it on I’m ready for this new take on Bourne especially with director Tony Gilroy behind the camera.

The Jason Bourne films exploded into a serious spy franchise. Matt Damon rocked the character, but once Bourne Ultimatum finished Damon was basically done with the character. This has not stopped the studio to continue the franchise. So the Bourne Legacy is going into production without Damon, rumor is that the name Bourne is given to several agents. This is a good idea, kind of a James Bond rip off where all agents are given numbers but oh well.

Now it seems Jeremy Renner is in the lead to win the role over a long list of dudes. He is a great actor, I remember seeing him years ago as the villain in SWAT and I liked him. He has shown his chops though in film like The Hurt Locker and The Town. He also is one guy I can actually see as an action hero. One problem I can see though is Renner is attached to a number of action franchises. He is Hawkeye in The Avengers film. He also is set to replace Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible franchise. So his plate will be pretty full if you add Bourne on to that. Tony Gilroy is directing the film and has made statements that this film isn’t a reboot or prequel. So I’m sticking with the “Bourne” title being given to multiple agents. Will see if it works or not, audiences might be too attached to Matt Damon to see anyone else playing a character named Bourne, but hey James Bond has changed actors over the decades so why not Bourne?

So everything is up for reboots or whatever the Hollywood suits want us to call it. With Mel Gibson’s career on major life support to concept of another Lethal Weapon movie being made is slim to none. Some brilliant man must have simply came up with the idea of rebooting it. Problem is the franchise is nothing without its leads. If you just use the title it means nothing. I mean it’s such an obvious money grab. Lethal Weapon story lines were pretty basic, just violent cop vs. bad guys stories. I don’t really understand the concept of a reboot, why not just continue the story line with new characters? Have Riggs and Murtaugh die and have two new guys investigate the murder or simply have the old guys retire. Still reboots are too “in” right now and so they want to do it that way. Rumors are already flying around Jeremy Renner would play the new Riggs. So would this Riggs be a Afghan or Iraq war vet? Then Renner would be perfect with his role in The Hurt Locker connecting him to the story. This is just a bad trend in Hollywood, why not just try and come up with a new cop drama series? No they want to use the Lethal Weapon name to try and milk any connection people have with the franchise. Pretty lame, but until people stop going to these things they will continue to just milk whatever they can to make a buck.