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We all know what we’re getting here, if you go into this movie expecting a deep plot, great character turns and stunning dialogue, then I have no idea what you’re thinking. This movie is jammed packed with 80’s and 90’s action heroes with an action movie to thin you can drop a pin through it. If you love explosions, guys getting shot, people getting stabbed and truck load of one liners, then you should see this movie right now. The first Expendables was odd since it was a promise of 1980’s goodness and never really delivered. Half the guys on the team didn’t make sense and the villains sucked. Here that all changes and everything is kicked up to another level where the movie literally never stops to take a breath. It’s an action movie through and through.

The plot is real simple, Barney Ross(Sylvester Stallone) and his team of bad asses are sent in by a CIA agent named Mr. Church(Bruce Willis) to find a shot down airplane. They are made to bring a Chinese agent, Maggie(Nan Yu) with them to Albania. Once they arrive and find the plane they are ambushed by Jean Vilain(Jean-Claude Van Damme)… Yes his name is Vilain. After Vilain murders one of their team members and is off to find 6 tons of Soviet hidden plutonium the team tries to track him down to get revenge. From then on the movie is simply pure carnage and nothing more. The body count rivals any action movie you’ve ever seen.

Now the movie’s plot is not dense. As they add heroes like Arnold and Willis and even Chuck Norris, no one really gets a lot of screen time. One of the best moments is actually between Sly and new add on Chris Hemsworth who many will remember from The Hunger Games. They have several scenes that really work as a surrogate father and son moment. Really though the star of this movie is JCVD who really steals every scene he’s in. I’m sure he had to put his ego aside to play the villain here but he’s obviously having fun. The fight between him and Sly is so classic that it’s worth the price of admission alone.

The films main problem is just too many people in it. Arnold comes and goes so fast you can barely enjoy him hamming it up. Mostly everyone shows up to drop one liners and shoot a couple guys. The action has no weight to it what so ever. It’s like a video game. Still visually it’s a lot of fun and you will get smiles from at least some of the jokes. Jason Statham is regulated to side-kick again but his fight scenes are the best. His show down with a JCVD henchman played by Scott Adkins and the fight is a stand out. In the end the movie is just a really long shoot out. You know what you’re getting throughout but I will say I had more fun this time around than I did with the first.

Rating: 7/10

This was a really slow weekend… Really slow, maybe people are just waiting for The Avengers next weekend. The number one film again was Think Like A Man as it made $18 million over the weekend. The film has reached $60 million which is really strong since the film only cost a little over $12 million to produce. More surprising to me is that the film The Pirates! Band of Misfits landed in second with $11.4 million. Might not seem very impressive but the film really didn’t have a strong ad campaign and has made over $63 million over seas already. The man behind Wallace and Gromit made this so I’m hoping for the best for it.

Zac Efron’s romantic flick The Lucky One rounded up $11.3 million after having a decent opening weekend. The film may not have the legs The Vow did but it’s still going pretty strong. Behind it was the The Hunger Games which has made enough money already lets admit it. The big surprise for me is that The Fire-Year Engagement made only $11 million. Thought this film would have opened big. It’s budget wasn’t large and I’m sure word of mouth will help it out.

Jason Statham’s action movie Safe and the Poe thriller The Raven really didn’t seem to engage anyone, because both films struggle to reach $8 million. It seems like no one really wanted to go to the movies this weekend. Maybe the NBA and NHL playoffs had a piece in this… Who knows. I’m sure next week that will all change.

Here is the list…

1. Think Like A Man $18 million

2. The Pirates! Band of Misfits $11.4 million

3. The Lucky One $11.3 million

4. The Hunger Games $11.1 million

5. The Five-Tear Engagement $11 million

6. Safe $7.7 million

7. The Raven $7.2 million

8. Chimpanzee $5.4 million

9. The Three Stooges $5.3 million

10. The Cabin in the Woods $4.5 million


I’m not a big fan of the Transformers franchise. Shia was a fine leading man and all but Bay had a big problem with throwing way too many characters at us. The first film is pretty solid but fails in many places. The first half really works, it’s simply about a boy and his car trying to land the hottest girl at school. I really enjoyed it… Then something happened, we were getting “funny” FBI agents and “funny” parents and humping dogs. Bay is only good at making half of a movie. The Island was half a good movie and then suddenly it went like a coke and lost it. Transformers is only half a good movie. The second half is a mess and the action was just shaky cams and metal nonsense.

The second film is just hands down the worst film ever made. There is no plot. We get an over dose of just pop culture references and bad comedy. Then the action doesn’t make sense and for some odd reason the pyramids are in Jordan. The third film is frankly the best. It cut down on lame jokes and it’s plot was pretty basic. The best part was because of the 3D, Bay had to slow down the action which really helped the film.

Even though Michael Bay claimed he was done after three, money means a lot more than words. It’s already clear Shia will not return and will be replaced by Jason Statham which is a huge step up. The franchise is an action franchise so might as well have an actual action star in it. If Bay can just keep slowing down the action I’m sure this will work out. Just stop tossing us random jokes and nonsense Bay, make a classic!

Weekend box office Jan. 28-30th

It’s a slow time for movies right now, March is usually when the big time movies start popping up again. For now we get to swim through a number of interesting films. A big surprise for me this weekend is that the film The Rite took the top spot this weekend. I guess Anthony Hopkins has a decent following and people wanted some scares. No Strings Attached stayed on strong and landed in second while Jason Statham’s new action flick landed in third. That surprised me since I really thought that film would land in first. The Green Hornet after being bashed online and by some critics has survived pretty well and has over seventy million bucks. The rest of the list has several Academy Award nominated films like The King’s Speech and Black Swan sticking around. That’s good news for the Oscars, I feel like a lot of people will tune in this year to see who wins. Anyway here is the list…

1. The Rite: $15 Million

2. No Strings Attached: $13 Million

3. The Mechanic: $11.5 Million

4. The Green Hornet: $11.5 Million

5. The King’s Speech: $11.1 Million

6. True Grit: $7.6 Million

7. The Dilemma: $5.5 Million

8. Black Swan: $5.1 Million

9. The Fighter: $4.1 Million

10. Yogi Bear: $3.2 Million