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Weekend Box Office: Nov. 11-13th

What? Immortals won the weekend? Okay, this one surprised me, I thought this film was going to be under the radar, guess I was wrong. People wanted some R-rated God like action this weekend. I’m sure the 3D charged helped but Immortals sliced and stabbed its way to the top with $32 million. Glad to see a big time action film like this doing well. The brain melting comedy(can you call it that?) Jack and Jill landed in second with $26 million, while Puss in Boots was right behind it. Boots has broken the $100 million dollar mark and has proved it has some legs, even if they are small cat legs.

Tower Heist dropped to fourth but still made a strong $13 million, maybe the film has been getting some good word of mouth. Sadly J. Edgar could only muster up $11 million, but it was on a lot less screens than the other top films. It’s possible as award season churns the film will grow some legs. Paranormal Activity 3 broke the $100 million dollar mark, which basically makes it clear a fourth film is coming. The next couple of weeks should be interested to see which films have the legs and which drop out as more films fill the screens as the holidays approach.

Here is the list…

1. Immortals $32 million

2. Jack and Jill $26 million

3. Puss in Boots $25.5 million

4. Tower Heist $13.2 million

5. J. Edgar $11.6 million

6. A very Harold and Kumar Christmas $5.9 million

7. In Time $4.1 million

8. Paranormal Activity 3 $3.6 million

9. Footloose $2.7 million

10. Real Steel $2.1 million

Movie Review: In Time

In the future, people are genetically made to age only until 25, so everyone looks crazy young. After hitting 25 a clock in your body starts counting down from a year. The rich collect time and simply live forever, while the poor struggle to buy up more time before the clock hits zero and they die. Will Salas(Justin Timberlake) is just simply a good guy trying to make as much time he can for himself and his mother(Olivia Wilde) so their clocks don’t run out. Then a rich man or man with a lot of time, whoever you want to put it, shows up in Will’s life. The man gives Will over a hundred years in time which allows him to get into high society. Problem is he finds the system is rather rigged for the “rich” as time keepers show up to arrest him. Will then kidnaps a rich man’s daughter, Sylvia Weiss(Amanda Seyfried) and goes on a mission to destroy the system.

I love the film Gattaca, so I knew that Andrew Niccol would bring it here. In Time is a great idea, and most of the fun is the world that is created. The future looks pretty bleak in this world. The poor live horribly while the rich live in luxury but overly protect themselves and live rather boring lives as they protect the time they’ve collected. The films pace is frankly perfect, a solid blend of action and set up. My only complaint would be the concept that people can transfer time to one another a little too easily. All one would have to do is grab someone’s arm. That is a very small complaint though.

What really stands out here is the lead Justin Timberlake. Sure he was once in a boy band. These last five years he really has jumped out and shown how talented he is. He has been fantastic on SNL. He was not afraid to look like a total ass hole in The Social Network. Here he does a very solid job at being an action star. A good blend of being a future robin hood and a man jilted by a world where the poor die rather quickly. Timberlake pulls this off, some credit must go to Niccol but I believe this film can be the one JT fans can hold up and show off, he’s really good here. Amanda Seyfried is also very good here, playing an innocent woman whose eyes are opened to the real world. She and Timberlake also have very strong chemistry.

In the end it was nice to see some fun science fiction with a good plot and no over the top CGI. It’s also nice to see a film that really goes after how bad things are right now. The rich no longer want to build but hold on to their cash. So the movies voice and structure are great. Little nit picky things here and there but the film is strong. I would say something corny like “take time to see it” but I won’t… Even though I just did.

Rating: 8/10

This weekend was a little rough for movies. First off it was Halloween weekend so many mindless drunks went out dressed in horrible costumes. Too busy to go to the movies. There was also the World Series game 7 on friday, plus the East Coast got covered in snow. With all that in mind it’s pretty impressive so many movies made money this weekend. Oddly enough the top spot went to Puss in Boots even though it’s the Halloween weekend. The film did alright with a $34 million opening. Compared to other animated films it’s not super impressive, but on the other hand this character doesn’t have a huge following. Still with the 3D charges you would think this film would have made more.

Paranormal Activity 3 fell to second place but almost make twenty million. The film is now close to the $100 mark which is very impressive. Good work by the studio to actually release this film near Halloween unlike most horror films that for some reason come out in August. The new sci-fi film In Time landed in third with $12 million, not exactly impressive but if you factor in the competition and other issues going on this weekend, it’s not that bad. The film is a step up for director Andrew Niccol whose Gattaca in 1997 made ONLY $12 million.

The only other real story here is that The Rum Diary only made $5 million dollars. Surprising since Johnny Depp usually just rakes in cash no matter what he is in. I think this week there is simply too much competition for all these films to stand out on their own. It’s a shame.

Here is the list…

1. Puss in Boots $34 million

2. Paranormal Activity 3 $18.5 million

3. In Time $12 million

4. Footloose $5.4 million

5. The Rum Diary $5 million

6. Real Steel $4.7 million

7. The Three Musketeers $3.5 million

8. The Ides of March $2.7 million

9. Moneyball $2.4 million

10. Courages $1.8 million