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2011 has started off slow for movies, no one film has come out and been a clear hit. I believe with the large amount of money making Oscar nominated films have now filled the space that other movies want. This weekend though a number of films made seriously good chunks of cash. Rango an odd but amazing animated film took the top spot with almost forty million bucks. This isn’t much of a surprise with the amount of commercials running around for the movie. Matt Damon proved his name attached to anything and it will make some money, the Adjustment Bureau made about twenty million dollars. Then surprisingly the film Beastly, a remake I guess of the animated film came in third with around ten million bucks. The film looked horrible in every way so I’m surprised seeing it even making that much money. Gnomeo & Juliet dropped epically after amazingly winning the box office a week ago and the film fell to sixth. Most likely because of Rango coming out and families deciding to see that film instead. A big surprise to me is the film Tame Me Home Tonight didn’t even make the top ten. It’s a huge step back for anyone looking forward to R rated comedies, I guess film makers pushed for the rating and audiences didn’t pay them back for it. Now the films commercials were not great and showed no plot and the films setting of the 80’s might still be “too soon” so it wasn’t exactly looked at as a retro style of him. The rest of the list is pretty basic and The King’s Speech still riding high after winning the Oscar that film is still sticking around in the seventh spot. Next week sees another animated film in Mars Needs Moms and an epic alien invasion film Battle: Los Angeles. Also Twilight’s director Catherine Hardwicke’s new picture Red Riding Hood opens and will see how the tween crowd responds. Here is the list:

1. Rango $38 million

2. The Adjustment Bureau $20.9 million

3. Beastly $10.1 million

4. Hall Pass $9 million

5. Gnomeo & Juliet $6.9 million

6. Unknown $6.6 million

7. The King’s Speech $6.5 million

8. Just Go With It $6.4 million

9. I Am Number Four $5.7 million

10. Justin Bieber… $4.3 million

Weekend Box Office: Feb. 25-27th

People are generally stupid and a movie as horrible as the one that landed at the top spot is proof of that. With the Academy Awards ending last night you would have thought the nominated movies would make a push for the top spots. No instead a 3D silly animated movie bounced to number one spot. Gnomeo & Juliet moved back into the top spot which is obvious that kids really do control the box office sometimes. Two big surprises was the comedy Hall Pass landing in the second spot and the overly advertised Drive Angry landed in the ninth spot. This week confused me, now the number one movie only dropped to the third spot which was the film Unknown. Justin Bieber’s non-movie dropped to sixth but has made 62 million bucks. Nice to see though is Best Picture winning film The King’s Speech rose up in the ranks and has made almost 115 million dollars. Hopefully next week things will show that you know smart people go to the theaters.

1. Gnomeo & Juliet $14.2 million

2. Hall Pass $13.4 million

3. Unknown $12.4 million

4. Just Go With It $11.1 million

5. I Am Number Four $11 million

6. Just Biber blah blah blah $9.2 million

7. The King’s Speech $7.6 million

8. Big Mommas: Like Father… $7.6 million

9. Drive Angry $5.1 million

10. The Rommate $2.1 million