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So Disney has basically made it clear that John Carter needs to make around $700 million world wide to get a sequel green lit. Now first off why do studios announce things like this in the first place? Also why put such a high standard on something like this? Studios love tent pole films… But they have to start somewhere. This just seems like they are setting themselves up to fail. Warner Brothers has seemed to learn to get past this. Green Lantern wasn’t Avatar but it also didn’t make five bucks. Sure $219 million world wide isn’t a billion but it’s something. Instead of just dumping the movie the studio claimed that after DVD sales and just general toy sales that a sequel would be green lit. I love this thought process. Giving movies huge goals that probably will never be reached just doesn’t make any sense. Why not show more faith in the film and say it doesn’t even need to make $200 million world wide to get a sequel. I think that leaves less tension in Hollywood. I’m excited about this movie and I do hope it goes well and makes all of its goals but come on studio’s cut movies a break. Limit expectations. It’s one way you can make movies into series. Think of Batman Begins, didn’t blow up the box office but then the sequel The Dark Knight exploded. Same goes for Austin Powers. Just let it ride and see what happens. Not like Hollywood is super interested in original content.

So Sony seems very confident their reboot of Spider-man is going to do very well. Since they have announced the sequel is already being planned for 2014. Um, first off from what I can tell the reboot isn’t being received very well from actual audience members. When seeing Captain America, the theater I was in most people booed or hissed at the trailer when it was finished. Most people don’t seem to understand why the story is being repeated. The term “too soon” comes up a lot. It seems when it comes to comic book movies studios are very determined to make the sequels work no matter what fans say. Sony standing tall on this remake and WB going along with Green Lantern 2(which I think is a good idea) is proof of that. I guess I should wait and see the The Amazing Spider-man but from the pictures and the teaser trailer I have a fear they have dropped the ball badly, can’t imagine the sequel would be much better.

I wrote before that I think it’s a good idea for the WB to push through and make a second Green Lantern film. The first movie was flawed mainly because it blinked when it came to it being a space drama, they still wanted it be mainly set on Earth. Things were rushed and he barely used his powers. Yet the movie I guessed cost loads to make. Now the studio is making a second film but plans to make it “darker ad edgier” which is exactly the wrong way to take these things. Movie studios have been blinded by Chris Nolan’s Batman films. The success of The Dark Knight has made them believe every film needs to be dark and realistic in tone to be good. I was hoping a film like Thor or Captain America would change this opinion, but I guess not.

The new Amazing Spider-man(which looks horrible) is brining a dark and edgy tone to it. The teaser trailer was just awful for that movie and I find it odd WB now wants to do this with the Green Lantern. I believe they should simply ask fans what they liked… More Lantern in action and more space stuff. They also need to pick if they are actually going to try and build Hal Jordan as a character since in the first film they essentially half assed the character. Again I’m glad they are pushing through and making a series of these films. Just be smarter, get a good script, understand that action is key to a movie like this and allow your actors to shine. If you want to compare things to Batman… Batman Begins didn’t exactly light up the box office. The Dark Knight then dominated and the third film will do the same.

Look I get it, Green Lantern wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight. Still the franchise itself wasn’t going to be like Spider-man or Batman. WB should have known this film wasn’t going to play to everyone, so their epic marketing campaign was falling onto to deaf ears basically. The things that happen in this film and storyline are a little out there with dealing with aliens and a hero who travels in space. So Green Lantern didn’t exactly explode in the box office, it still had made decent money though, I think studio’s are a little too obsessed with opening weekends and if a movie doesn’t make $300 million it’s not a “franchise hit”. This is nonsense, if anything a Green Lantern 2 would pull more people in. I think studios don’t realize that many people wait for DVD these days. Once the film hits that market so many more people will watch the film. Then if you make Green Lantern 2, it will become an event, people who saw the first will go, fans will go. The story line needs to keep going, Green Lantern is one of the best comic book franchises and it deserves a long movie run. Please do not wait to reboot it, keep the franchise going you can push it through to make money. Please remember that Batman Begins did not open the way many wanted it to. Some called it a failure, then they made The Dark Knight which set a new standard for comic movies. So Warner Brothers make Green Lanter 2!

Pixar just knows how to dominate. Every one of their movies does well. It’s because the product is so good. Now Cars 2 could easily be labeled as a cash grab by them but still it’s clear that they know how to make movies they rake in cash. Cars 2 opened this weekend with $68 million dollars which is very impressive. To balance out the kid film vibe Bad Teacher brought in a solid $31 million which shows people were down to laugh this weekend.

Green Lantern took a major dip which I guess was expected where it made around $19 million in its second weekend. The film will most likely pass the $100 million mark but it won’t be a rocket ship hit like the WB was hoping for. Super 8 on the other hand is sticking around and also reaching the $100 million mark but in contrast to Green Lantern it cost way less. ┬áMr. Popper’s Penguins continues to drop which also isn’t a big surprise as the film is being panned across the board.

The rest of the top ten is basically the same. Pirates 4 and Bridesmaids keep adding to their totals. Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris keeps making money and is becoming one of his bigger hits, good for him. X-Men: First Class is sitting around $132 million and keeps rising. Hangover 2 is so close to $250 million which proves I guess people like having a second helping to the same type of comedy. Next week the third Transformers film hits screens where everyone will basically be hoping it’s not as bad as the second film.

1. Cars 2 $68 million

2. Bad Teacher $31 million

3. Green Lantern $18.5 million

4. Super 8 $12.2 million

5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins $10.3 million

6. X-Men: First Class $6.6 million

7. The Hangover 2 $5.9 million

8. Bridesmaids $5.4 million

9. Pirates 4 $4.7 million

10. Midnight in Paris $4.5 million

Ryan Reynolds is becoming a big name in Hollywood, he’s a leading man who this summer will be flying around space as Green Lantern. I’m pumped for that movie it looks like it is doing things right. Many have might pushed this back into their memory but Reynolds played a super character named Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now that movie was horrible on so many levels and Reynolds was frankly one of the best things in the movie. Problem is how they depicted Deadpool was horrible and way off so coming back from that will be hard. The movie would have to be gritty and violent and not some pg-13 teen fest. So if Reynolds really wants this to be done he needs to step away from his from his “sexiest man alive” title. I know that’s why he was brought on to play Green Lantern, ladies needed a reason to see that movie so they brought him on. That’s fine because he’d work for Green Lantern but Deadpool can’t be a movie focus on abs and cute lingo, it will have be brutal and for real comic book movie violence. So man up Reynolds, get it made but have some grit.