hansel and gretelWe follow the two characters Hansel and Gretel from the fairytale… The twist is though after they survive being prisoners in a house made of candy owned by a witch, the two young siblings grow up to be witch hunters. At no point is this movie meant to be taken seriously. It’s way over the top bloody and a lot of fun my only problem is it probably could have been even more fun. The one thing you can’t ignore is how strong the leads are, Gemma Arterton is hands down in my opinion one of the best female action leads in a long time. She should be Lara Croft if they ever reboot that franchise. Hansel is played by Jeremy Renner who I’m also enjoying as a go to action star. Problem is this movie easily ran out of things for these two to do and the movie ends up just going through the motions and ending very early in my opinion.

You must go into this movie understanding that everything is done to be a joke. I mean Hansel is diabetic after being locked in a candy house and forced to eat candy. Nothing in this movie is very serious. Even the violence is done with such an over the top style you never find yourself flinching at it. The problem is Hansel and Gretel are so good at what they do the audience never really gets to see how powerful the witches they face off against are. There is a lot that is either ignored or never explained. First off why are all witches women and evil? Why do they have magic powers but never seem to use them very much. I guess that wasn’t the point of the movie though. The main plot is pretty basic a big bad witch played amazingly well by Famke Janssen plans to use “The Blood Moon” and kidnapping children to become immortal. The villains plot is so bland though the movie barely focuses on it.

The action is solid, not choppy with a lot of cut aways. It just gets boring watching Hansel and Gretel shooting at witches. It was hard to understand what time period they were in since they use high powered shot guns and rifles to shoot witches down. I guess the movie was suppose to have a “Steam punk” vibe to it but it just never came off right. I just wish there was a little bit more for the leads to do. At no point do they ever threatened because we find out very early that Hansel and Gretel were blessed with powers that made them immune to witches spells. So they are never in any real danger as they cut apart witches.

The movie flirts with being more than just a one note action film when Hansel and Gretel break up a mob ready to burn a young woman. The always great Derek Mears shows up to play an ass hole Sheriff ready to burn any woman he suspects is a witch. Problem is the film never really picks this story plot up. We also get a little taste of “White witches” who are good and pure and what not, yet the movie doesn’t really focus on them either. In the end the movie is just a short fun little action piece, it could have been more but simply decided against it. That is no fault to the actors in the film who bring it and look like they enjoyed making the film so I give them props, I just wish there was something more to this movie. You know just a little more magic.

Rating: 6 out of 10