WhiteHouseDown_cb1North Korean’s attack the White House and only Gerard Butler can… Wait that was another movie that came out several weeks ago. This movie has Jamie Foxx playing the President who isn’t Obama but come on he is basically playing Obama. We also get Channing Tatum playing John Cale and doing his best Bruce Willis impression(with tank top and all!). He’s there to interview for a secret service job and of course the White House is attacked by bad guys. The movie is a little too corny and should have been rated R because if it was, the movie would have been a lot more fun.

This movies only major issue is how corny it is, it is a disaster movie that is trying to appeal to everyone and because they made this choice the movie just doesn’t pack the punch that it should. Amazingly Channing Tatum is really good here, to me he could really be an action star. The problem for him is Cale is written poorly, they give the character an eleven year old know it all daughter, who of course puts herself in the cross hairs of the villains. This is so boring and has been done so many times that when you watch it you just don’t care. Jamie Foxx is fine as the President but he has nothing to do, he and Tatum work well together and their back and forth is pretty funny. Problem is the President has no back story he just wants to end war in the Middle East, that’s it, nothing else. So again you just don’t care about him very much. We do get a wave of solid performances from Maggie Gyllenhaal, Richard Jenkins and James Woods. They still don’t get a lot to do but they are great when they are on screen.

The one great thing about the film is the villains, they are a mixed bag of ex-soldiers, neo-nazi’s and dudes who just hate the American government. The way they get into the White House and take it down is actually pretty amazing and well written. Problem is because of their goal of mass appeal the action after that is tame and stuff you’ve seen before in every PG-13 movie. The gun violence is quiet. The fights are quick cut shot so you can’t ever really tell what is going on. It was refreshing to see this type of villain in a movie, because a lot of these types are real world villains.

The film is either a blatant rip off or a straight homage to Die Hard. Sadly the team up of Cale and the President is fun but not enough to keep the movie going. Way too many scenes that make no sense and the film relies heavily on CGI that really hurts the movie. When you go in you either need to relax and sit back and watch it like a Fast and Furious film, that way you’ll have fun. If you look for a serious action movie like Die Hard, you’ll find yourself regretting your decision in checking this movie out.

Rating: 5/10