movies-the-bling-ring-4I remember being in LA when the houses of Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom were robbed. What no one realized at the time was that these places were being hit by a group of privileged teens. This group ended up with over $3 million worth of goods. These teens though weren’t doing it to prove a point or because they needed the money. No it’s because they were fame obsessed and over all just silly teens that idolized people who were under the spot light.

What this film has going for it is Sofia Coppola, this story shouldn’t be as interesting as she makes it. The kids aren’t much different from the people they are robbing. They go to the same clubs, they live in same areas. At no point are they robbing these people to prove a point or to gain the cash. They just want to live as if they were them for just a night, or in some cases many nights. They break into Paris Hilton’s place like eight times. At no point does Coppola even hint at trying empathize with these people, it’s frankly impossible to do it. Some of the teens are worse than others, some come off as morons like Emma Watson’s character. She sees no wrong in robbing these people, almost no one even blinks when it comes to the idea of breaking into celebrity houses.

The film does an amazing job showing what peer pressure can do. It also breaks down how obsessed out culture is with fame. What is interesting to note is that the focus of the group was Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, who now are both kind of has-beens. Still the way the group is so focused on them is beyond interesting.

Minus Emma Watson and Leslie Mann the rest of the cast is pretty much filled with unknows. They do such a good job I expect that to change. Mann plays Watson’s characters mother. The woman is just as dumb as the teens. She home schools her kids off of the lessons of “The Secret” and pumps them full of prescription drugs. If anything this movie will make you kind of sad that these people exist. It also makes the club life look terrible as well.

Over all this is one of Sophia Coppola’s best films. It’s an interesting crime movie that we probably will never see again. The cast is very solid and the pace of the movie which you would think would get dull, never does. It’s for sure worth your time.

Rating: 7/10