Oblivion.cb3Science fiction is making a huge come back and Oblivion is proof of that. Last summer Prometheus came out and even though it had problems it was the strongest science fiction film to come out in a long time. Oblivion follows Tom Cruise’s character named Jack, he is part of a two man team to fix drones that roam around the surface of Earth. We’re told that humanity won a war against a scavenger alien race, the aliens were defeated but the planet was destroyed when the scavengers blew up the moon. So most humans now live on the moon of Saturn called Titan. Jack and his partner Victoria(Andrea Riseborough) who are slightly romantically involved have a system locked down. Jack occasionally faces off with the masked aliens left on the planet but most of the time he’s bored.

Things heat up when a ship crash lands and has humans on board. The drones Jack repairs open fire on the pods holding the people. This leads to an avalanche of problems for the two of them. Especially when Jack saves one of the people aboard the crashed ship that turns out to be someone from his past, her name is Julia(Olga Kurylenko) he remembers her even though his memories were wiped by the company they work for. Jack begins putting the pieces together… SPOILER ALERT…… I’M SERIOUS…. Once Jack meet Morgan Freeman and a human resistance he finds out nothing is like it seems. I’m not going to spoil anything else. The plot gets a lot better minus one or two odd choices towards the end. The films pace is fantastic, this is essentially a drama but with well placed action the movie rolls along very quickly.

Joseph Kosinski made Tron: Legacy which I strongly enjoyed, that film and this one are alike in many ways. The main connection is both are visually stunning. The world of Oblivion is empty and sad. The technology we are exposed to in fantastic but very realistic, like one day we could actually see stuff like that exist. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Kosinski has in store for us down the road.

The key piece of why this film works is Tom Cruise, the man is an action star. He makes this film work in every scene, we care about him. The two female leads are fantastic as well and bring a lot of heart to a film with barely little human interaction. Morgan Freeman isn’t on screen for long but he does add a little comedy to a film set at the end of the world.

It’s not a sequel or based off a comic book but the film is strong and I hope it opens the door for more science fiction in the next couple of years. Go see it, you won’t be upset that you did, if anything you’ll find this film interesting.

Rating: 8.5/10