21overcb1On his 21st birthday, Jeff Chang(Justin Chon) is visited by his high school buddies/best friends, the kind of tight laced Casey(Skylar Astin) and the over the top and always causing trouble Miller(Miles Teller). The two take him out to campus bars(never caught which campus they were on) and get him wasted the night before his big interview with med-school. The two buddies promise to get him home safe and sound, of course this doesn’t happen and things of course get crazy.

The formula is something we’ve seen before, it’s a lot like The Hangover(The guys who wrote that wrote this movie) and Old School but in many other ways it’s better than those films. Both of those movies were about guys who were remembering the good old days. This is about guys who are actually in college. It also helps that I really don’t know the three leads, I haven’t seen them in much and it was refreshing. Sarah Wright shows up and is gorgeous, Casey falls for her but of course she has a douche boy friend. This is the only real problem with this movie is you have seen a lot of this stuff before. Drinking, hot girls, douche boy friends it’s all been done. So when it came to gags and set pieces nothing ever really surprises you, at one point our leads piss off a Latina sorority(does that exist?) and you just don’t find it as funny as you might twenty years ago.

The strongest thing the film has going for it is frankly Justin Chon’s Jeff Chang, you like him enough to the point you really want him to make it. His drunken antics seem real enough. The other two leads are good too it’s just there problems are obvious, they have lost contact, don’t consider themselves friends anymore blah blah blah… Jeff Chang on the other hand has secret problems that evolve as the movie rolls forward. That’s the films strongest point, is the movie funny? Yeah totally is, but it’s nothing special. Most of the jokes you’ve seen before.

If you just take a breath and let yourself enjoy the movie then you’ll find yourself smiling. This isn’t like Project X where I straight up disliked the leads to a point I wanted things to turn on them. Here I like all three guys and want to see them have a good time, so in a way the movie really works, is it a classic comedy? Far from it though.

Rating: 7 out of 10