the-last-stand-review-2It’s a movie that tries very hard to be a modern western. The plot is real simple Arnold plays a weary Sheriff of a small Arizona town. He had a back ground as a cop in Los Angeles, the quiet town finds itself as a war zone as a drug cartel leader pays a bunch of gun happy lunatics to shoot him a path into Mexico. I have no problem with this plot, it’s basic and straight to the point just little things stand out. The cartel leader drives some super car that makes sounds only the Falcon from Star Wars should make. Still it’s fun to watch Arnold play up his old age as he assembles a rag tag group for a shoot out.

One might find this surprising but Arnold is one of the best things about this movie. He plays everything right, he’s not taking this seriously and he eat it up. One has to give him props for making fun of his age too which happens on more than one occasion. Director Kim Jee-Woon gives us lots of gun play and blood. The action is really solid, not a lot of quick cuts. So from an action stand point the movie is fine. The only major problem I guess would be the film cuts from Arnold to Forest Whitaker’s FBI character. It gets annoying after a while as we watch authorities fail to stop the cartel leaders push for the border. The only thing I did enjoy is the movie is set only in a matter of hours, this plays right since the cartel leader Cortez is driving a car that goes over 200 mph.

The other actors Arnold puts together to defend the town all try their best. Frankly in a movie that’s not taking itself too seriously you can tell actors take a breath and have more fun. Johnny Knoxville(Yeah the guy from Jackass) plays a local nut job whose collection of old weapons comes in handy. We get Jamie Alexander who stood out to me in “Thor”, she plays a deputy and is really strong. No one drops the ball here which would be hard to do.

When it comes to deciding to see this movie or not just make sure you don’t take it too seriously. If you start asking questions or wondering if something in action scene would work your head will pop off. Just sit back and enjoy a modern western. Frankly it was nice seeing Arnold take the lead again in my opinion.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10