Now lets get one thing straight Waterworld isn’t really bad. Especially compared to some of the terrible adventure films coming out recently. I really like Kevin Costner and I think he was really good in that movie. The bad guys were fun and so were the battle scenes. Sure the third act was pretty lame but that is a minor complaint. I have been waiting for Hollywood to take a swing at Waterworld. I mean they remade Red Dawn with North Korean invaders so why not remake Waterworld? Well Syfy is stepping up and is wanting to make a sequel to it. Now I’m all for this for comedy reasons alone. Syfy is known now for making terrible B horror and monster movies. So Waterworld 2: Revenge of the Smokers(yeah I made that up) would have a razor thin budget. If they bring back Kevin Costner I’m 100% in. I doubt he’ll do it though since he’s about to make a rip roaring come back in next summers Superman. So prepare for suckyness on the ocean coming to Syfy sometime in the future.