We follow a young Indian boy named Pi(Suraj Sharma) whose family zoo in India has to close down and move to Canada. While transporting the animals over seas, the boat is capsized, Pi finds himself on a life boat trapped with a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. The two battle at first but learn they need each other to survive. Based off the novel by Yann Martel and directed by Ang Lee the film is close to a master piece.

First off the plot of the film alone should be marveled at because can you imagine pitching this to Hollywood suits: “It’s an Indian boy stuck on a boat with a Tiger, oh yeah and the movie is really spiritual”. I’m amazed the film even exists. The film is done mainly as a flash back as SPOILER ALERT…. Adult Pi is telling his story to an author. The movie all around is a visual treat, many scenes look like something from a dream. The one thing is it’s very obvious of the constant use of CGI in the film. Still the Tiger which is a mix of the real thing and CGI is amazing. You connect to Richard Parker quickly. The tiger gains that name due mainly to a paper work mix up.

The movie relies on its main actor who is outstanding. Imagine trying opposite of a tiger or just the idea of a tiger because Richard Parker was mainly CGI. We also get Irrfan Khan playing an older Pi who hits a grand slam towards the end acting wise and I hope he gets some supporting actor nominations.

Ang Lee is the real stand out here, his films are hit and miss mainly. For me though the man is an artist. Brokeback Mountain got focused on for its gay lead characters but the movie is a classic and is beyond perfect. Lee almost does it here, for me though there are some CGI moments that took me out of the film. I understand everything isn’t possible to look real but some moments with other animals besides Richard Parker just don’t look great. Still the ship wreck is visually stunning and the film is very good and family friendly too.

Rating: 9/10