Not many people outside of New York know a lot about bike messengers, but their life is all about speed and danger. This movie is based around the world of bike messengers who have open competitions with each other. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a speed junky who loves his job because it’s simple really, a law school drop out who wanted something more. Problem is that’s about as deep the character goes. The first half of the film is a lot of fun really, especially when JGL is being chased by a bike cop all over the city. I wish the movie was really just about that, instead once the plot kicks in things go down hill fast.

Michael Shannon comes in playing an NYPD detective who has a gambling problem. He gets in so deep with the Chinese gangs that he has to steal a ticket that is worth hundred of thousands of dollars. Shannon seems like he went to the Nicolas Cage school of over acting here, but still he is a lot of fun as the bag guy here. Of course the ticket is picked up by JGL’s character and as his job details, once a package is placed in his bag it can never come out until it is delivered. So of course Shannon’s dirty cop chases after him.

The film goes by very quickly I believe the running time is under 90 minutes. What is frustrating is the movie is beyond fun just overly stupid. The plot means nothing and you never connect or care about what is happening. If they wanted to make an action movie out of bike messengers just have it involve drugs or a bomb or something. It would have been just as silly and over the top. Is it worth a rental? Totally, JGL is great and really becoming a top notch actor. The stunts are also very impressive to watch, if I ever attempted them I would die instantly so it’s impressive to see it on the big screen.

Rating: 4.5/10