It seems Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are bored or poor again because they seem to be on board for a 4th round of the buddy cop/action series. It’s not clear if Brett Ratner would return to direct but I’m not exactly sure he should. The third film was terrible, it was too simple, it just seemed like an excuse for the crew and cast to party in France. I will give props to the first film, that movie had charm and the action flowed. Jackie’s fight in the pool hall is still one of the better/funny fight scenes we’ve seen in a while. The second film is very funny and an easy watch and again the movie had charm. None of that was the case with the third, so if they can bring back the magic they had in the first two films sure why not do it? Problem is I have a feeling this movie will come off being like Lethal Weapon 4, both men are much older now and probably can’t do the action scenes.