Tatum’s career has been very interesting to follow, he came out in Step Up and then suddenly his career seemed to be heading straight into the ground. The first GI Joe was just a silly mess and he was stale as could be. The Eagle really made no waves when it came out. Then suddenly he popped up in Haywire and really impressed, then POW The Vow and 21 Jump Street came out and he won over almost everyone. Then he became women’s pick for the newest hottie, perfect since Magic Mike came out and now it’s a solid hit. Rumors of a sequel are now popping up and amazingly Tatum simply can just pick his projects. The second GI Joe movie was put on hiatus with the rumor being they simply wanted more Tatum.

There has been a lot of talk about Knievel film for a while, but nothing really could get off the ground. His story is perfect for a film, especially in 3D, with all the stunts one could see a movie will this being a decent hit. Now with Tatum having a lot of pull in Hollywood, he might just be the guy to get the story to the big screen. I don’t personally think he’s right for the role but I don’t matter, if he takes his shirt off once that will bring in at least a couple million ladies.