The war for cash in the box office always has winners and losers. The Avengers is an obvious winner as it just passed the $600 million mark domestically. Battleship did amazing business over seas but domestically the film frankly bombed domestically. The blame is now being pointed at the comic book action classic. I guess that makes sense. Battleship did some serious wave flagging and and throwing American patriotism in our faces, so in a way it’s really surprising that the film did so well over seas.

The fact is though that maybe why Battleship bombed was because it was just bad. The film was all over the place, it had its moments but in no way did it match up to The Avengers. So maybe people just weren’t interested in a movie based off a board game. I do like that people are trying to figure out why movies do badly compared to others. With ticket prices being so high people probably go to the movies less often. So competition has a lot to do with it. John Carter underperformed due to marketing while the film itself was very good. Battleship might have just missed the mark with Americans.