First off who is calling out for a new Baywatch movie? I mean that show was huge in the 90’s. If you look back though a lot of weird things were popular in the 90’s. I will say a new Baywatch movie will make major cash world wide. It especially will if Timberlake is cast as the lead. 21 Jump Street did a good job of taking an older show and making it pretty hilarious. If they make the new Baywatch as tongue and cheek and just going for pure comedy it could really work. If that is the case then Timberlake is perfect for this. I find him very funny, he has done great work on SNL so this would be a solid move. 21 Jump Street helped make Channing Tatum shine, most thought he was a dull lunk head, then when that film came out people saw how funny and talented he could be. If 90’s are the new thing I think it’s about time they made a Xena movie by now.