This movie has been getting a lot of attention and some hate and disrespect. The fact is if you take away your personal expectations and look at the film as a whole it is a sci-fi classic on an epic scale. The film follows a group of scientists led be Elizabeth Shaw(Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway(Logan Marshall-Green) who found a series of ancient cave paintings that show an interstellar map. They convince the Weyland corporation to flip the bill. They are accompanied by Meredith Vickers(Charlize Theron) a tough as nails commander. The captain of the ship(Idris Elba) and a robot named David(Michael Fassbender).

From here on there will be MINOR SPOILERS so be warned I won’t get deep into plot points though to ruin anything… The movie starts off rather quickly as the team prepares to land on the surface of a planet they found from the maps. The pacing is very strong and well every shot is beautiful, if anything that is the main reason to see this film, it’s just gorgeous, see it in 3D or regular and you won’t be disappointed. You don’t have to see Alien or Aliens to get this movie, but it will help as a lot of stuff will make you go “I remember that!”.

The acting in the movie is really strong. Noomi Rapace her character has so much going on and she really is able to balance it. Michael Fassbender’s David is a scene stealer but frankly compared to what Rapace had to do, he had it kind of easy, David is fun. He plays the android almost like an innocent child who excited to just see what is behind every door, no matter how menacing the situation is. Even Theron stands out here, Vickers doesn’t get as much screen time as others but she stands out. The background characters are paper thin, some you can’t even tell from the others, so when they die it doesn’t really hit you very hard.

One character to me is one of the weakest parts of the film… SPOILERS… So what the crew basically find on the alien planet are vases filled with black oil. This oil infects everything around it, including worms, which then turn into disgusting snake like creatures. Well one character who claims to be a biologist, except the problem is every time something comes up he never acts like a scientist. When he finds one of these creepy snakes, he doesn’t run, no he tries to pet it, he then of course is killed by the creature. This scene almost made me roll my eyes, like something you would see in a B-movie, not something like this.

Besides that one scene the rest of the movie is rather strong, it’s about tension, and the mystery of what these aliens were up to. If you’re expecting a horror film you’ll be let down. Sure there are a couple moments, but it’s not about horror. This is about atmosphere, it’s about the story. The film isn’t perfect but it’s worth a look especially if you’re a fan of science fiction or movies in general. Just go in with an open mind and enjoy yourself, don’t over think things or get weighed down because the views of others. Once you just let go and watch the movie you’ll come to realize you just easily watched one of the best movies of the summer, minus a couple of scenes which will frustrate you.

Rating: 9/10