This movie is not like Sasha Baron Cohen’s other flicks, unlike Borat and Bruno this film has a plot. Cohen plays Admiral General Aladeen, a dictator of a fictional nation named Wadiya. As his nation tries to build a nuclear weapon, Aladeen must travel to the UN to make his case of why his country should be left alone. While in New York he is captured by a somewhat racist assassin, who before trying to torture him, cuts his beard off. Aladeen escapes and befriends a feminist who runs a Vegan grocery store, he falls in love with her while trying to prove he is the real leader of Wadiya as an imposter sits in his place.

Frankly the plot of the film doesn’t really matters, the movie is a little over 80 minutes long. So you know there isn’t exactly much plot going on. The fun comes from the very crude humor that comes from Aladeen, he is a racist, he does not respect women. Yet somehow as he makes fun of some stereotypes he yet is still able to poke fun at how racist and confused America is. One of the greatest moments is when Aladeen simply explains how America runs like it’s under a dictatorship from the rich. Very funny stuff.

To me the best jokes were not the obvious one’s. The film has no real balance. The crude sexual humor jokes run really cold actually. The film is at it’s funniest at the very beginning and when Aladeen works at the grocery store. The jokes are about 40/60 where maybe 40% fall flat but the other 60% kill. The other actors in this flick are pretty solid, Jason Mantzoukas plays a dissident nuclear scientist who was banished for not building a missile with pointy tops. Anna Farris plays the feminist grocery store owner and she’s alright, at times her balance with Cohen isn’t there, it gets better as they get more screen time, but something felt off. There are also some great cameo’s from Edward Norton and Megan Fox.

So it is very funny, prepare yourself because there are some very racist jokes in this and crude humor is for sure in your face… Literally. I would suggest waiting and renting this film since it’s run time struggles to break 80 minutes. It’s not really Cohen’s best work, but I oddly prefer this straight up film to his previous work.

Rating: 5/10