The what beat The Hunger Games? I’lld admit I don’t know a lot about the film titled “Think Like a Man” made $33 million bucks over the weekend. Just to prove how much of a surprise this is the studio was expecting to not even make half that much. The book it’s based off of it very popular and stand up comedian Kevin Hart may have talked a lot of people into checking this out. Still this weekend was suppose to be quiet as the summer movie explosion is approaching, this is a good sign for studio’s who may see some serious big wins before we even get half way into May.

Zac Efron’s The Lucky One won over people’s hearts and made a very solid $22 million over the weekend. This film may really help launch Efron, his career hit a road bump when audiences wildly ignored Charlie St. Cloud. It will be interesting to see if the film will have legs like the recent romantic film The Vow did, that film now sits at $124 million.

The Hunger Games dropped to third, don’t be too sad for Katniss and crew though, the film still hunted up about $14 million. The film now sits at a total of $356 million and is close to breaking the $400 million bench mark. This franchise is obviously one of the strongest to come around recently.

The rest of the box office is rather shrug worthy. Families came out and supported Chimpanzee, which is really good and the film rounded up $10 million bucks. The Three Stooges dropped pretty hard but still made $9.2 million over the weekend and has almost made $30 million over all, which is a surprise to me. Sadly The Cabin in the Woods hasn’t exactly gained strong legs adding only $7.7 million to its total. To the films credit though it’s a genre film that a hard time marketing itself. So maybe you take the almost $30 million made as a huge win.

Next week a flurry of movies come out to try and make some cash before the summer battle begins, the list is huge: Safe, The Raven, Bernie, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, The Five Year Engagement… I mean there is simply not enough room for all of these movies. Should be interesting to see how things play out.

Here is the list…

1. Think Like a Man $33 million

2. The Lucky One $22.8 million

3. The Hunger Game $14.5 million

4. Chimpanzee $10.2 million

5. The Three Stooges $9.2 million

6. The Cabin in the Woods $7.7 million

7. American Reunion $5.2 million

8. Titanic 3D $5 million

9. 21 Jump Street $4.6 million

10. Mirror Mirror $4.1 million