Two young cops(Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill) fail on the field and are assigned to the 21 Jump Street unit, an under cover mission to send the young man back to high school, in order to take down a suspected drug ring. For the two men, roles are reversed as the times have changed for high schoolers. Most reboots or TV movies usually suck(Looking at you Mod Squad) but this film is so over the top and so different it stands out. The comedy here is straight perfect and amazingly it’s Tatum who shines here where Hill constantly seems out of place. Hill and Tatum play former high school enemies and of course once they return under cover, roles are reversed and Hill becomes the cool kid and Tatum an outsider. This shouldn’t work, but it does.

This movie is very basic, they try and track down who is pumping the school with a new powerful drug. We’ve seen stuff like this before, yet everything comes off fresh. The jokes are very well done not only poking fun of the action genre, but to the movie itself. Over and over again do Tatum and Hill get called out for the fact they look too old to be in high school.

What is even funnier is most of the high school students are played by people in their twenties. The supporting cast is strong. We get Dave Franco as a young drug pusher. Brie Larson plays a girl that Hill’s character has sort of always wanted to be with. We also get familiar NBC faces with Nick Offerman and Ellie Kemper showing up here and there.

The comedy based around the action works really well here, which is a surprise. Most action comedies fail to make the action work. Here though they poke fun of things that we’re used to, slow motion gun fight, exploding buildings. I really found myself laughing throughout the film and enjoying it’s off the wall comedy bits. It’s also nice to see a film that is not afraid of its R-rating and willing to do whatever they want to get the laughs.

Rating: 7/10