Hollywood sure loves the 1980’s since they want to remake everything that came out during that time period. 21 Jump Street though added it up a bit by mixing in some strange but very funny comedy and it looks like it was a winning formula. The comedy raked in $35 million over the weekend which is pretty impressive. What this also does is cement Channing Tatum as a true super star, with The Vow sitting around $121 million and now this movie opening really well, I won’t be surprised seeing him attached to a lot of other projects.

The Lorax has hit a chord with families though and I’m sure the 3D bonus on top of that helps. It added another $22.4 million to its total. Sitting at $158 million the film could easily break the $200 million mark. In sad news John Carter only added another $13.5 million. People need to go out and see that film as I see it as a science fiction classic. The good news is though the film is doing rather well over seas, which one should question do people living outside of the United States have better taste? That’s a debate I’ll save for later.

Strangely A Thousand Words and Project X are sticking around and hanging out in the middle of the pack. Both films are doing alright but neither could really be considered hits either. Journey 2 actually moved up a couple spots and is creeping closer to the $100 million mark domestically, though maybe that doesn’t matter since over seas it has made $200 million already.

A lot of other films opened in limited theaters and are doing very well, Will Ferrell’s Spanish comedy Casa De Mi Padre made $2.2 million on just a little over 300 screens. Jeff Who Lives At Home and Salmon Fishing on the Yemen are doing strong on limited screens as well. Hope all these films get a little expansion. I don’t fully believe in the limited screen idea either. People around the country should be able to decide what movies they want to see in theaters.

Anyway most of the films simply plan to survive as next week brings The Hunger Games. Here is the list…

1. 21 Jump Street $35 million

2. The Lorax $22.8 million

3. John Carter $13.5 million

4. Project X $4 million

5. A Thousand Words $3.6 million

6. Act of Valor $3.6 million

7. Safe House $2.8 million

8. Journey 2… $2.4 million

9. Casa De Mi Padre $2.2 million

10. This Means War $2.1 million