It’s nice to get a romantic comedy that is grounded and allows characters time to breathe and have some quiet and great moments. This movie is a reminder that there are should be more indie type films like this. We follow Jason(Adam Scott) and Julie(Jennifer Westfeldt) who are life long friends and have never swayed and have never been sexually attracted to each other. They have two couples as friends. Leslie(Maya Rudolph) and Alex(Chris O’Dowd) these two have kids and constantly seem at odds. The other couple is Missy(Kristen Wiig) and Ben(Jon Hamm), who use to be a couple all about sex, but once a kid comes into play that all changes. Deciding they want a kid but no messy marriage to get it Jason and Julie decide to have a baby just as friends.

You must understand that even though a lot of the cast of Bridesmaids is in this, doesn’t make it anything like that film. If anything it is more grounded, don’t get me wrong I thought Bridesmaids was hilarious, but it was never real. Here in this film they dive into some seriously dangerous territory, that being it can kind of suck to be married and have kids. The cast is fantastic and everyone really works well together here and the most impressive thing is they feel real. The leads though are the stand outs. Westfeldt and Scott have very good chemistry. It’s fun to watch their characters handle the baby with a friend situation as it goes along.

The comedy isn’t in your face and is mainly in the very well written dialogue. This film was written and directed by Jennifer Westfeldt who really stepped out in the 2002 indie hit, Kissing Jessica Stein. Both Jason and Julie try and raise the child and find the person they want to be with. She lands a handsome and recently divorced man(Edward Burns), while Jason starts dating an actress who never wants kids(Megan Fox). Both Burns and Fox are very strong in these rules. Fox especially stands out, she’s usually thrown under the bus but here she has a very strong performance.

The only complaint I would have is that the films pace does slow down half way through and makes the film feel really long. Still the film is a breath of fresh air when it comes to romantic comedies, mainly because it gets real. Relationships are hard. Adding children can destroy them, but sometimes can make them stronger.

Review: 7.5/10