A movie starring active duty Navy Seals, so you know the acting won’t be great, but you do know the action will be solid. That is simply what you get here. The film has the thinnest plot possible, the dialogue is cringe worthy at times but still this movie is the closest thing to a Call of Duty movie will ever get. Now some will see this as propaganda, but I don’t really see it that way. The movie doesn’t really do a lot of flag waving, just really showing bad asses being warriors. Problem is that it’s really not enough to make a solid movie.

I love the fact they used Navy Seals, it’s really cool. This makes the action look very real. Never of course do you doubt the action happening in front of you. There are dozens of head shots and explosions, the gun fights are fantastic. My only complaint is that they decided to have multiple POV shots during the missions. This is an obvious attempt to make the film like a video game and it really bothers me as they cut in and out of the action.

The main problem this film has it that it basically has no real plot. We just follow several Seals as they go on a mission to stop terrorists from putting a plot together to attack the US home land. The villains are interesting though, not as basic as one would think. One is a Muslim who uses people from Indonesia and from other Asian nations as suicide bombers. The other is a Jewish Russian who funds it all. They use Mexican drug cartels for protection in Mexico. The unique villains spice things up a bit. Still the missions are very basic and are simply backed up by the epicness of the gun fights.

You will have a hard time not rolling your eyes though at many moments in this film. One of the leads does a voice over that is so bad I’m starting to think the people who made it never listened to it. We also never get anything real from the Seals. Just basic cookie cutter type characters. Men who have kids and love their wives. We get nothing else. To some this might be how it should be, just following silent warriors. Problem for me is though I didn’t really care about the men as much as I should. I know they were real Seals but the movie is still fake. So when the action goes down it is essentially a video game, where nothing that happens matters. The deaths have no weight. All the Seals are just too perfect, no bag habits, all make jokes, all love their wives.

Over all the action is amazing but the story is weak and the dialogue is horrible and just literally make your skin crawl. This is the closest Call of Duty film but there is simply too much wrong with it to say this is a good film. I also hope this doesn’t start a trend of POV type films, it didn’t work in DOOM and it doesn’t work here.

Rating: 4.5/10