This movie came out of left field for me, the trailers left me shrugging, the commercials were no better. I was happily surprised though and this film had me laughing hard all the way through pretty much. The film follows George(Paul Rudd) and Linda(Jennifer Aniston) a very happily married couple, who after losing jobs/projects and their “micro-loft” in New York, find themselves on the road and stumble upon a hippie commune. The laid back and stress free lifestyle appeals to them and they stick around. Even though they enjoy themselves the commune creates serious stress between the couple.

The film might not sound very deep plot wise, that’s not really the point, the comedy flows from the characters and it works pretty much across the board. It never really harps on making fun of the hippies too much. They never seem stupid or way over the top. The comedy comes mainly from Rudd and Aniston’s responses to everything happening around them. The leads are what works here, I really loved these two as a couple and found it very believable. One special moment is a montage of the two on a road trip that will come off maybe too real for some. Another fun piece of the film is that a weaker film would have had Aniston being the uptight wife and Rudd playing the laid back cool guy, it doesn’t really play out like that which is very refreshing.

The film does have some rough patches, a side plot involving a casino trying to purchase the land the commune occupies doesn’t seem to fit. The film also doesn’t end strong with a fake news piece, for me these never work in comedies, yet they keep using them. Still these are minor issues, over all the film is very funny and doesn’t play into the normal comedy set pieces. A high light is Malin Ackerman who shows up as a free loving hippie and talks Rudd into believing that no string attached sex is the way to go. I’m pretty sure she could talk anyone into that frankly.

Wanderlust is a short(about 90 minutes long) fun comedy. The strength comes from the cast who just all come together strong. Rudd has many ad libs that will have you rolling on the floor, I look forward to the DVD where I’m sure there will be hours more of that from him. Very fun and frankly pretty smart, it never acts like the audience is too dumb and never plays things like your average comedy, a very groovy time over all.

Rating: 7.5/10