Did you miss the first Ghost Rider? No problem this movie through animation shows us everything about how Johnny Blaze(Nic Cage) made a deal with the devil to save his father. The deal is that he becomes a demon that would stalk the Earth punishing lost demons and other evil. Bad call by the devil, once he tries to bring the anti-Christ into our world the only thing standing in his way is the Ghost Rider. This film is directed by Neveldine/Taylor who made the Crank films… Well you can tell because this movie is frankly insane.

The first film is a total failure. Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze barely worked, he was too silly. Eating jelly beans from a martini glass. Every time Ghost Rider appears the action is simple and goes by in a flash. The villain was weak… Everything was just weak. The response in this film is everything is totally over the top. Nic Cage’s Blaze is no longer silly, he’s insane, there are multiple moments where his character just straight looses it, we’re suppose to believe he’s battling the demon inside himself, but it just comes off like he’s tripping on acid. Still we get some very classic Cage moments and frankly I’d love to see him play Blaze again.

The plot is very basic. A young boy is being hunted by a man named Roarke(Ciaran Hinds) who is simply the devil in human form. He has a league of armed ass holes chasing after him. Now Johnny Blaze has been traveling the world trying to keep the demon inside of him locked down. That is until a French man named Moreau(Idris Elba) who makes a deal with him. If Blaze helps save the boy, he’ll help him get rid of the Ghost Rider. The problem is the movie never slows down. Once Blaze/Ghost Rider save the boy they only have about three minutes of screen time together, yet the boy and Blaze somehow make a connection. Whatever.

The film just never takes any time with anything. Blaze shows up at a temple and randomly walks into a room… We get a bunch of CGI nonsense thrown at us and then POOF! Blaze is cured of his curse… Right. I get having fun and making a crazy action movie. But you need a balance if you really want to make a fun action movie that sticks. Here though the balance is off, the film is crazy, fun in places but it never lets anything settle, so you find yourself just shrugging as it ends.

Now the things they do get right is the Ghost Rider. The first film failed in making the Ghost Rider cool at all. They tried to make him family friendly, he’s not. Here the Rider just murders people and seems to enjoy it. The action is just better and they had fun with it. Especially the last 10-15 minutes is just fun. The action and chaos really works. The film, unlike the first actually has villains which was nice to see. It also should be noted that the 3D works. Early on the camera is a little too close to some of the actors so the 3D is a little shaky, but for the action scenes it really works. So it’s got that at least.

In the end this film is just a mess, it’s crazy, fun in a guilty pleasure way but over all just not a good movie. If it took a second to let things settle it would be different, but one second we have Cage going off the wall insane, to the next second he’s a father figure. It just never really works. The Ghost Rider scenes work great. Too bad he only shows up really like three times during the entire movie.

Rating: 4/10