I’m not a big fan of the Transformers franchise. Shia was a fine leading man and all but Bay had a big problem with throwing way too many characters at us. The first film is pretty solid but fails in many places. The first half really works, it’s simply about a boy and his car trying to land the hottest girl at school. I really enjoyed it… Then something happened, we were getting “funny” FBI agents and “funny” parents and humping dogs. Bay is only good at making half of a movie. The Island was half a good movie and then suddenly it went like a coke and lost it. Transformers is only half a good movie. The second half is a mess and the action was just shaky cams and metal nonsense.

The second film is just hands down the worst film ever made. There is no plot. We get an over dose of just pop culture references and bad comedy. Then the action doesn’t make sense and for some odd reason the pyramids are in Jordan. The third film is frankly the best. It cut down on lame jokes and it’s plot was pretty basic. The best part was because of the 3D, Bay had to slow down the action which really helped the film.

Even though Michael Bay claimed he was done after three, money means a lot more than words. It’s already clear Shia will not return and will be replaced by Jason Statham which is a huge step up. The franchise is an action franchise so might as well have an actual action star in it. If Bay can just keep slowing down the action I’m sure this will work out. Just stop tossing us random jokes and nonsense Bay, make a classic!