I’m not going to write an official review for a movie that has been released in theaters a decade ago. Star Wars is a beloved franchise, I’m one of its biggest fans. This movie has a lot of haters, but slowly has gained defenders. My stance has calmed, when first released I was not happy with it. I never really have fully enjoyed Jar Jar Binks. I don’t despise the character, many of his bits I actually find funny, but he sure does bring eye rolling moments with it. My biggest problem with the film was deciding to have Anakin be a young boy. Would much rather have had him be like thirteen or even older than that. Give us a little weight to Anakin. Make him angry about being a slave. If older the audience could buy him being a great pilot. As a young child it just never really works. That hands down is the films main problem, not Jar Jar.

Still this movie gets tossed under the bus far too often. The story is strong for what it is. As a starting point everything works from start to finish. The action set pieces on the big screen are some of the best and have yet to be over taken. The pod race in 3D is stunning and a lot of fun. I found myself getting chills during several moments. Th 3D isn’t extreme, and it simply helps everything blend and pop a little stronger than in 2D. The final twenty minutes is very strong. The mix between the major battle/The Darth Maul fight and the space battle is astonishing. I found myself smiling many times in the film. My anger has faded, if you just step back and look at the movie you’ll see that is really just a lot of fun. The action is frankly better than most films that have come out since.

The 3D is strong here, mind you it matters where you see it. I saw this on a digital screen. If concerned I would contact your multiplex and look into how the 3D will be presented. For me though it was a great experience that I would suggest for fans who don’t hate the prequels should totally check out.