Was kind of hoping this movie would just simply be about a guy being talked off a ledge, it’s not, ex-cop Nick Cassidy(Sam Worthington) is set up by a multi-millionaire David Englander(Ed Harris) by faking that Cassidy stole his big time diamond. After escaping captivity, Cassidy sets up an elaborate plan to prove he is innocent. The movie starts off rather strong as all we really get at first is Worthington checking into a big time hotel. Then after settling into his room he simply climbs out on to the ledge. The police quickly respond and the movie moves pretty quick from there.

Ever since Avatar Sam Worthington has become a sort of go to action hero. Here though he doesn’t really get to do very much but stand on the edge of a building. He works here with only a couple of flash backs to explain his situation I still ended up caring for this guy without knowing a lot about the character, that’s all Worthington.

The rest of the cast is decently strong, Ed Harris plays the nasty villain, it’s always a breath of fresh air when seeing him on screen. He doesn’t get to do much here though. Elizabeth Banks plays a police psychologist who recently lost “a jumper” and has been having a hard time recovering from it. I’ve always liked her and it was fun seeing her play against type. Anthony Mackie and Edward Burns show up and give strong performances in their supporting roles.

Jamie Bell plays Joey, Nick’s brother, who is attempting to break into Englander’s building and find the supposedly stollen diamond. His girl friend played by Genesis Rodriguez helps him as she kind of had a criminal past. Their scenes together are either really strong or beyond annoying and that weird balance doesn’t help the film at all.

I won’t spoil anything but I will say this about the film, the ending is a huge let down, I was frankly really digging this film, it was flowing and everything was really well shot. But the ending is beyond stupid, it’s just frustrating, frankly everything ends far too easily and in five minutes it destroys any tension they may have set up for. The characters are fine and the actors really give it everything they got but the movie just lets them all down. Would have really loved for them to do something daring here. Try something new, still what we get is a solid movie with decent visuals. Just in the end it could have been a lot more which is a let down.

Rating: 6.5/10