Just to make this clear, this is the fourth Underworld film. The original, then the sequel, then a prequel and now this other sequel. This might be hard to follow so I’ll put it simply there is a war between Vampires and Warewolves(Lycans) that has been going on for a long time in the shadows. Mankind hasn’t really known about this. Awakening brings back the lead Selene(Kate Beckinsale) who is a “Death Dealer” which means she’s super hard core. In the first film she falls in love with hybrid named Michael who has the best of both worlds. The vampire leadership turns against them, so she kills them. The sequel essentially is a pure action film that wraps up the open story lines from the first film. The prequel shows us how the battle between the vampires and Lycans began, and frankly the vampires were being pricks. Still after that film ended I assumed the Underworld universe was finished. I was wrong.

Awakening opens fast and never really slows down. The story is rather simple. The war has changed. Mankind has figured out vampires and Lycans exist. So they attempt to wipe them out. Selene is captured a frozen to be used for testing. Twelve years pass before someone frees her. Once out of the ice Selene instantly goes into kick ass mode and fights anyone who stands in her way. She attempts to find Michael who she believes is still alive.

One thing I like about this movie is the trailers, you heard me right, there are some cool story elements in this film that was left out of the trailers. That really helped the film as I was generally surprised by some choices. I will not really reveal any spoilers for you. The movie has a lot of issues, but they are minor, first off I’m guessing the actor who played Michael(Scott Speedman) wasn’t interested in returning. So anytime we see Michael we don’t get a lot of close up or we get him in flash backs. That hurts the romantic element of this film since Selene’s entire drive is focused on her love for him.

Minus a pretty basic script the movie is a breath of fresh air. If you enjoy violence this movie gives it to you in truck loads. The movie doesn’t really ever try to scare you. It’s pure comic book violence. Lots of bullets and knives, stabbing, blood, body parts being ripped off. It never is really realistic but come on look at the material. Beckinsale is a great hero and Selene is a fun character to follow. The villains don’t really get a lot of screen time, when they do they have their moments. Just understand that this movie is a pure chase/action film. It rarely slows down to even take a breath.

I hope they make a fifth film and ground it a little more. Most of the action scenes are like a video game. Endless amount of bad guys getting cut down. Make it smaller. Make is scary. These are vampires and warewolves! This should be a little scary. Also Selene is starting to get the 80’s action vibe, she’s just invincible and never really seems phased by her opponents. Awakening is fun and crazy but can’t touch the first film. If you’re looking for something dark and impressive, you should probably avoid. If you’ve enjoyed this franchise and all its pieces, you won’t be let down here.

Rating: 6.5/10