I really liked X-Men First Class I though though it was a solid approach to how X-Men should be done. The story could have slowed down, but the action was top notch and was for once a comic book movie that felt like a comic book. I think Vaughn has a great touch with action films and I’m really excited to see what they do with the next one. This is also a good step in rebuilding the X-Men franchise. Bryan Singer’s first two X-Men movies were pretty good(X2 is a classic in my opinion). X-Men 3 though ruined so many great opportunities and took the focus in the wrong direction. Then the prequel X-Men: Origins Wolverine was hands down one of the worst comic book films that has come around. It got the character wrong in every way and then spit on the origin story. I though that was the dagger that would end X-Men. The First Class came around and changed all of that. So count me in as excited for the sequel.