Sherlock Holmes has returned along with his right hand man Dr. Watson. Together they must stop a plan being put in place by Professor Moriarty, to make Europe dive into warfare. Now the first film was personally for me a classic in many ways. The plot flowed and the action was really solid. This film really picks up from the last one left off. Holmes is jealous of the marriage that Watson is about to have. Not much the fact he’s getting married, but that his best friend is moving on. Holmes himself is connecting the dots to several murders and bombings that are leading Europe towards the wars of all wars.

Robert Downey Jr. I like as Holmes here again, a solid balance of crazy and genius and his accent is pretty solid. Jude Law really works as Watson. His balance with Downey’s over the top performance helps the movie flow. He is charming without even trying, yet you believe he is a brute who can beat down anyone in his path. The stand out performance though comes from Jared Harris, his Moriarty is very dangerous and is constantly ahead of Holmes. One moment where he has Holmes trapped actually becomes rather disturbing in how evil Harris comes off. Moriarty pushes the franchise higher as his plan essentially seems unstoppable. Sadly though Noomi Rapace, from the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo plays a gypsy wrapped up in the plot. She somehow comes off very cold here and doesn’t seem to be living it up with the rest of the cast. She’s great in the action sequences though and I blame her coldness on the script, which kind of show horned her in.

Guy Ritchie really nails it again, the movie simply comes off as a good natured action film. I love a film that has well shot hand combat scenes, since it’s very rare these days. There are many moments in the film though where I wish the slow-mo might be taken down a notch. That is a minor complaint. I’ve seen some people complaining the plot is hard to follow, for me it’s the exact opposite, Moriarty’s plan seems realistic in many places and once Holmes connects the dots, I never found myself lost or confused.

I really hope this film expands into a third film, I really enjoy the actors and the characters they have created. Moriarty is a great villain and hopefully the story can continue. Guy Ritchie I think has created a fantastic action franchise that should at least go for one more round.

Rating: 8/10