This movie isn’t really getting it’s fair shake, I figured that out from the crowd I saw this film with. Many of them were too immature to handle this film. If you’ve read anything about this movie you know it’s about a sex addict, but that’s not really it. Along with it’s NC-17 rating the film somehow has just been labeled as a “sex movie” and some think it’s going to be fun, like watching Barney from How I Met Your Mother for two hours. This movie is far different than that, it is a sad story about a man so damaged all he has is meaningless sex, and not even that can help him.

Brandon(Michael Fassbender) lives in New York and has a great job. Yet he has no honest connection with anyone. He swings through bars and night clubs looking for a night of passion with a stranger. If he fails there he finds hookers. His computer is filled with every type of porn you can think of. Only friend he seems to have is his ass hole boss who rarely ever is able to hook up with women. His sister Sissy(Carey Mulligan) arrives at his door and things begin to spiral down. Their relationship is very uncomfortable. It’s never really discussed but it’s obvious their childhood was filled with abuse. Both of them are broken people. Can barely connect and it’s heart breaking to watch them in a way, coast through life.

Both have moments where they feel something, but is passes. Brandon tries to sleep with a co-worker, but after going out with her, the connection upsets him and he can’t finish the job. No for him it has to be no connection, it’s all he has. Slowly though all that disconnection gets back to him. Director Steve McQueen does a fantastic job here, the movie is smooth and slick. The sex scenes are not fun. Most of the time it comes off as pathetic. This movie isn’t for everyone, believe me this movie is deep and never winks at the audience or makes it seem like Brandon pick ups are “cool” or “fun”. I believe the audience I was with didn’t understand this and was let down. So prepare yourself before you see this film, it’s not about sex, it’s about not being able to connect with anyone and being alone.

Rating: 9/10