I love James Bond. I love the old movies, from the great one’s to the corny one’s. Goldeneye is a movie close to my heart. Casino Royale I think is an action movie classic. When Quantum of Solace came out I frankly enjoyed the hell out of it. I didn’t enjoy the shaky cam and some choices made in the film, but overall it was a good ride and actually gave Bond an arch that started in the first film. Many have complained about the villain and plot. That stealing Bolivia’s water to sell it back to the country didn’t seem evil enough. To me it’s super realistic and very original. What would you rather have? A terror organization threatening world wide destruction again?

In a recent interview Craig claimed the writers strike seriously hurt the production of the movie. That he and director Marc Foster had to come up with stuff on the spot since legally they couldn’t hire any writers. So with that in mind you have to look at Quantum and marvel at it. The fact they put together an action film like that the way they did is very impressive. Craig then went on and said he truly believes “Skyfall” will be better than Casino Royale from the script and current production. I know most people would roll their eyes at that, but I think Craig is rather serious when it comes to these things. I for one am so ready for James Bond’s return.