No real surprise here that Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 was top dog this weekend. Still it wasn’t the biggest opening for the franchise(that prize went to New Moon which opened with $142 million) but it did make $139.5 million bucks. What is odd is most of that was made friday($70 million), I guess fans just attacked theaters that day. Will see how this film does as the holidays approach and we’re just assaulted with movies. Happy Feet 2 wasn’t that happy as it landed in second place with $22 million. You factor in the 3D charge it simply means people were not really into a second round of dancing penguins. Or maybe these people were all seeing Breaking Dawn, which is disturbing.

Immortals dropped like a rock which was suspected, most big action films do. Still for a movie I thought would get thrown under a bus it’s done pretty well. For some reason people are still seeing Jack and Jill as it rounded up another $12 million to it’s total. Sadly J. Edgar isn’t really picking up steam and could see itself falling right out of the top ten. The Descendants only being in 29 theaters broke the top ten, that is a very good sign for that film.

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 $139.5 million

2. Happy Feet Two $22 million

3. Immortals $12.3 million

4. Jack and Jill $12 million

5. Puss In Boots $10.7 million

6. Tower Heist $7 million

7. J. Edgar $5.9 million

8. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas $2.9 million

9. In Time $1.6 million

10. The Descendants $1.2 million