With Occupy Wall Street going on and Americans just getting tired of the rich in this country being greedy jerks. Well this movie was released at the right time. We follow a staff of a luxury apartment building who are ripped-off by on of their tenants Ponzi-Scheme, this man is played by the amazing Alan Alda. The buildings manager, once figuring out Alda’s character has twenty million hidden away in the apartment, plans to go in and steal it. He teams up with other members of his staff and enlists a local thief, played by Eddie Murphy.

For many this film will be a pleasant treat as we are almost assaulted with great talent. Murphy isn’t shackled to a family script here and is allowed to have some fun. A lot of the real solid laughs amazingly come from Matthew Broderick who plays a former stock trader who was living in the building and lost everything. Michael Pena also has a lot really great moments. Problem is these moments are the highlights. Don’t get me wrong I like Stiller in this movie and Alda really gets to chew it up as the villain. The film though is just so light and the heist itself is so basic that the film ultimately just feels pointless. For many it will be a film simply to see the nice/poor good guys beat out the Wall Street demon. That’s fine, for me though this movie could have been a lot more.

For starters our lead characters work in the building, we could really have gotten a taste of what it would be like to work and live in a place like this. Instead the heist feels like it could have been pulled off by average joe’s who would have no prior knowledge of the building. It just comes off as lazy and simple. Director Brett Ratner knows style and how to get laughs. It’s why the Rush Hour films were so good(well the first two) but here it’s just all too easy. Parts of the heist are based around not just one security guard… But five staring at a playboy. I’m sorry that could work in the 1980’s… Not 2011. I don’t want to spoil anything but the ending doesn’t make any sense, it involved a car being dropped into an elevator shaft, yet it is never explained really how no one seems to figure out it’s in there, or more importantly how they got it out.

Still the movie is slick and a lot of fun, it’s just dumb. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy movies like this. It just seems like a waste because it feels like you’re watching a seriously classic comedy. Then the heist happens and it seemed like no one really wrote a heist and they just made one up as they went along. So in the end I enjoyed all the actors, especially Murphy and Alda. The film is funny too it’s just for me the heist in the end is a real big let down, which is not good when you have “Heist” in the title.

Rating: 5/10