Romance movies have a hard time striking the right moves for two hours, this film might be one of the most real and frankly straight up romance films that have been made in a while. Felicity Jones plays a British exchange student, Anna, who falls deeply in love with another American student Jacob(Anton Yelchin). How they fall in love and how the audience experiences this is creative, it’s fast, a lot moves quickly. Because them falling for each other isn’t the point. Both light up when they are around each other. Problem is when Anna goes back to the U.K. she isn’t allowed to return because she violated her visa by staying in the United States several months past her visa date.

So they do the ultimate long distance game. It doesn’t work. We then follow them for years as they stay connected, through casual visits, texts and phone calls. Both date and sleep with other people, but yet never give up on the idea that they would come back together. The film moves at a very quick pace, we see a lot of these characters lives, but yet nothing seems slow. The actors make this work, everyone is charming and very likable. Anton Yelchin is very good here as one could predict since he has been good in mostly everything he’s been in like Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation. Newcomer Felicity Jones is an obvious breakout star. She plays her character so real it’s hard not to fall for her. Jennifer Lawrence even pops up in this film for a little bit, with her limited screen time she does a lot, proving how talented she really is.

The films problem is almost how real it is. The two characters never really confront each other with their problems. One very hard to watch scene where the two fight and let their emotions out is about as much as we get. They love each other so much we can see that they don’t want to fight. The plot basically never really changes. We just watch these people live their lives. The transition from their relationship to other people is so fast it made me feel uneasy. If you’ve been heart broken or just coming out of a relationship I would avoid this film, it hits a lot of concepts on the nose. Though the film isn’t depressing, if anything the films main message is that love can’t be crushed by anything. Not by distance, or jealousy, that it can survive. That underlining message makes this film beautiful alone, the acting takes it to another place. It’s hard to watch this film, it only gives you so much, it’s a real love story, one that I feel a lot of people can connect to.

Rating: 8/10