Director Brett Ratner’s film Tower Heist got beat in the box office by a cat that wears boots. Now many believe it could bomb. Then he kind of made himself look rather odd by defending himself against comments his ex-girl friend made. Olivia Munn who dated Ratner made reference in her book that one of her ex-boy friends used to masturbate with shrimp(Huh?). Now it must be true since the book has been out a while, yet Ratner went out of his way to defend himself. Me thinks this guy likes shrimp too much. Mind you those two things are bad… But this is not good at all. After a screening of Tower Heist in Hollywood, Ratner was interviewed in front of a crowd. A question about rehearsing came up and Ratner simply replied: “Rehearsal is for fags”. This pissed off a lot of people and now Ratner is not only apologizing everywhere, including GLAAD, but he was set up to produce the Oscars this year, well he has step down do to his comments. Hope the guy can bounce back from all of this because that is one bad week. One could say he deserves it for X-Men 3… Just kidding.