We know the title now, silly or not, you decide the film is called A Good Day to Die Hard. Rumor the plot is that Bruce Willis has to fly to Russia to bail his son out of jail, kid must be into some serious nonsense over there. Then while they are there a terrorist attack wraps them both into the conspiracy. Well now the rumors are flying on who will play the son. I will say who I want to play him is Justin Timberlake… I know most guys will have knee jerk reaction to that, but personally I think he could play a young man with a hard edge to him. After seeing “In Time” I think he could pull it off. His name isn’t really being mentioned. The leader right now is Liam Hemsworth who recently was in the film “The Last Song” and is a large charming guy and I’m sure he could pull off the role. Other names being dropped are Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and James Badge Dale. The final name is D.J. Cotrona who I’ve never really seen before is also a finalist. I’m excited for this movie. I liked Live Free or Die Hard, but the film kind of lost its way. Die Hard films don’t need to be big and over the top. The first and even second Die Hard movies were kept in closed in locations. I’m hoping a Good Day to Die Hard will only be set in a Russian jail or something cool like that.