Now I hope movie studios are paying attention here. Paranormal Activity 3 not only made more in its opening weekend than the previous installments but broke all October records. This is mainly due to Paranormal Activity franchise has stayed top notch. The first one was a fine little horror movie, the second expanded the cannon of the story line. Another thing that is clear is that around this time of the year people want legit scary movies. It’s confusing why studios keep dumping horror films and genre films in August. It’s clear that as Halloween approaches people want scares. Yet this year we get a science fiction film and Puss and Boots 3D opening Halloween weekend.

Another surprise is that the film Real Steel has some real legs. The film is standing tall in second place and continues to add to its total. The Footloose remake danced its way to a third place spot. The film has done alright numbers which might mean a wave of 80’s remakes me be coming soon, which is a shame. The Three Musketeers really failed to stab audiences as even with 3D price boost could barely rally up $9 million over the weekend. Maybe the campyness of the movie was too obvious… I mean they did have flying ships in the trailer.

The only real other surprises in the box office is that The Thing remake has dropped like a rock. Science fiction fans may have banned this movie due to love of John Carpenters. It dropped to 9th and now sits at around $14 million total. Yikes. Mr. Bean was in a film called Johnny English Reborn, a more leveled version of Austin Powers I guess. The film could barely get $4 million and ended up in the 8th. The plus side though is this film is much more popular in Europe as it has already made over $100 million over seas. Next weekend some big time movies like Puss and Boots 3D, In Time, and The Rum Diary come out… Can Paranormal Activity 3 beat them all? Will see, here is the list…

1. Paranormal Activity 3 $54 million

2. Real Steel $11.3 million

3. Footloose(2011) $10.9 million

4. The Three Musketeers $8.8 million

5. The Ides of March $4.9 million

6. Dolphin Tale $4.2 million

7. Moneyball $4.1 million

8. Johnny English Reborn $3.8 million

9. The Thing(2011) $3.1 million

10. 50/50 $2.8 million