So Disney has basically made it clear that John Carter needs to make around $700 million world wide to get a sequel green lit. Now first off why do studios announce things like this in the first place? Also why put such a high standard on something like this? Studios love tent pole films… But they have to start somewhere. This just seems like they are setting themselves up to fail. Warner Brothers has seemed to learn to get past this. Green Lantern wasn’t Avatar but it also didn’t make five bucks. Sure $219 million world wide isn’t a billion but it’s something. Instead of just dumping the movie the studio claimed that after DVD sales and just general toy sales that a sequel would be green lit. I love this thought process. Giving movies huge goals that probably will never be reached just doesn’t make any sense. Why not show more faith in the film and say it doesn’t even need to make $200 million world wide to get a sequel. I think that leaves less tension in Hollywood. I’m excited about this movie and I do hope it goes well and makes all of its goals but come on studio’s cut movies a break. Limit expectations. It’s one way you can make movies into series. Think of Batman Begins, didn’t blow up the box office but then the sequel The Dark Knight exploded. Same goes for Austin Powers. Just let it ride and see what happens. Not like Hollywood is super interested in original content.