The rise of Taylor Lautner has been interesting. He was a thin long haired kid in the first Twilight movie. Then he went through a transformation, the kid got stacked, then suddenly he became almost only known for being shirtless. Now I know this sounds odd, but I feel bad for him. He’s not being remembered for being a good actor, which he actually does stand out in the Twilight films. He’s being remembered as having nice abs and I’m sure he wants to be more than that. Well they try that here in Abduction sort of, and basically fail. Lautner plays Nathan a kid who basically lives his life with an anger rolling around inside of him. He has to keep his attitude in check all the time, he goes to a therapist, his parents try to keep him in line. Even though his father doesn’t help, the second Nathan comes home after a party his dad beats his ass with boxing pads.

Of course Nathan has a crush on a high school hottie played by Lilly Collins. Her role is beyond pointless and sad to see her character basically dragged along as the story moves. The film is really about Nathan’s parents aren’t really his parents. He was raised by CIA agents. His father is essentially James Bond, so if anyone knew Nathan was alive as his son, they could take him and make American James Bond give them information they need. There is a little more to the story, but it’s pointless to tell you anymore. The trailers kind of confused me, I though Lautner’s character was special in some way, genetically advanced or something, instead he just ended up being someone’s son. Kind of a let down.

The films real issues is that it’s just a mess, there is no weight to it, Lautner and Collins just run around from Euro-trash villains for the second half. The dialogue is corny and almost every decision they make is either bad or it comes off like a joke, but it’s not a joke. There are a couple of action scenes that are pretty well put together. Still there are too many dumb moments to seriously enjoy any of this. For Lautner he does what he can, he is shirtless again several times, he did well in the action scenes but when it comes to more serious moments he seemed stiff. Probably not his fault the script seemed like it was written in half a day. The problem for Lautner is by the third act his character mainly is made to just run around, while other characters do the action. The movie also has possibly one of the worst endings I’ve seen in a while. It’s a shame because there would have been a good movie, maybe even a good franchise in here somewhere, but it’s just so badly done. The villains needed an upgrade, we just get  a bunch of Serbian guys which is really boring. They needed to do something a little more original to make this stand out. Instead it feels like they were making a teen version of the Bourne series. Instead they made a silly movie that is forgettable… What I mean by that is that you’ll want to forget it

Also if you live in Pittsburgh you may want to see this movie. It was filmed locally there and that is one of its only major positives. The film actually does have nice back drops and feels real because they actually filmed there. The film ends at PNC park. You know you’re watching a fantasy because the ball park was sold out in the film. Ouch! That’s right I went there Pittsburgh.

Rating: 1.5/10