Looks like Patty Jenkins is going to take the helm on the sequel to the mega hit film of the summer in Thor. It’s unclear if Kenneth Branagh was just not brought on or really didn’t want to do another one. Still Jenkins, who directed the 2003 acclaimed film Moster and also worked on Entourage and Arrested Development. Jenkins also directed the pilot for AMC’s The Killing. So this is not a heavy hitter type of director but the work has been really good.

I really enjoyed Thor and loved its balance. The film could have been over the top corny and balancing the worlds that Thor was in would make the film uneasy. It never did and frankly was a lot of fun, the cast was great and the action when it happened was solid. I hope the second film increases the amount of action we get. I would also like to see Thor kicking some ass while he’s wearing his helmet please!