I’m a little behind in this movie but I’ve decided to review it anyway. The plot is decently simple, we follow the progress of a deadly virus that wrecks havoc across the world. We follow interlocking stories of a father played by Matt Damon trying to simply protect the rest of his family that has survived the virus. Also a blogger played by Jude Law who basically shows us that when it comes to viruses, people dying, there are people out there who profit from it. The cast is large and filled with good characters, which is essentially the films biggest flaw.

The concept and direction of this film is frankly scary. Director Steven Soderbergh does a beautiful job here. The film just feels so real. He makes sure to focus on door knobs, people touching their faces. If you don’t feel nervous after watching this film then you must wash your hands a lot. The film also gives you a huge dose of reality in what humans will do when their life is on the line. We see rioting and people robbing and hurting each other. The government is either too worried about keeping companies happy and fighting through red tape to actually make things happen quickly. So once the film is done you’ll find yourself praying nothing ever like this happens anytime soon because you won’t have faith that people will help you.

The acting in this film is frankly amazing. Matt Damon has a thankless job as his character is mainly grieving and protecting his daughter. Yet every scene he is in he hits it home. Laurence Fishburne also get his best role in a long time as a compassionate head of the CDC. His love for the people in his life and those around him could lead to his down fall when the government decides he is the fall guy for everything that goes wrong. The problem this film has is it just has too much good stuff going on. Marion Cotillard gets a very meaty role, a French woman working for the World Health Organization who gets kidnapped in China, yet she likes the people who have taken her and sympathizes with them, since they want to trade her for medicine. Yet her character barely gets screen time. We also never get closure. My problem with the film is that really we follow the virus, it gets a full arch all the way to the end. Yet are human characters have either half endings or their story seems like they could continue.

Over all the film is amazing, and very eye opening. It’s the most realistic film about a man killing virus. No Hollywood nonsense here, just talented actors going through a world wide story about how humanity can easily be challenged by a virus that is created by are need to have as much food as possible. Even with it’s flaws the film is important and really should be seen by everyone. Just remember to wash your hands.

Rating: 7.5/10