Now that the Avengers has finished filming Marvel’s focus has turned to the money maker Iron Man. The third film directed by Shane Black is moving ahead. The film looks to have set up stages in North Carolina. You might be confused why they would film there, but a lot of films and shows have. Now rumors are all over the place to what the film will be like, who the villain would be. For me I like the first Iron Man and actually really do enjoy Iron Man 2, I know many fans dislike that film due mainly to the lack of action and stretched out dialogue scenes. Still the film worked for me on its character arch for Tony Stark. Still Iron Man 3 has only one direction to go and that’s up, I’m hoping they stray away from Avengers stuff and stick to Iron Man facing a villain one on one. I’m hoping for Mandarin, which the other two films set up in many ways(terror group in IM1 was called “The Ten Rings”). So updates will be coming along now as the film starts filming.