The screen writer of the new James Bond film, John Logan has either let something slip or he’s teasing the die hard Bond fans. A decade ago Logan made a joke that Bond should face off with Blofeld in every film. Now for me that seems over the top. I actually liked what they were doing with Craig’s Bond. Casino Royale is a classic action film in my opinion and Quantum of Solace was a fine follow up. That film just had way too much shaky cam, but the plot really worked. I’d like the next Bond film to follow that line and have Bond try and bring down “Quantum” or at least set them up as an actual organized villain. They could be the new Spectre which is what Blofeld ran in the older Bond films. Bringing a new age Blofeld(which could just be used as a code name) and have him/her lead Quantum would be really cool. I do hope though they don’t just drop Quantum from the story line. I for one like to watch movies in little marathons and think it would be odd that this organization which is such a threat for two films, then suddenly vanishes in the third just because the studio went bankrupt and brought in new people. Keep the storyline going guys! Also get us more Bond! We’re beyond due.