Rumors are raging that Scott’s next project after “Prometheus” which is suppose to be a sequel to Alien, will be another Blade Runner film. Now Blade Runner is hands down a classic but is also one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember years ago the concept of a sequel was rumored but I guess nothing came of it. I believe the main reason Scott is returning is to make sure the film doesn’t get remade. Hollywood is on a binge of just remaking films. I’m sure Blade Runner was in the cross hairs. Fox was rumored to be planning an Alien remake until Scott popped up with an idea for a new Alien film. Though it seems Prometheus has become something much bigger than a simple Alien sequel. I personally believe Scott was asked about or heard that maybe Blade Runner was in line for a remake and decided to step up and throw in another story.

I prefer the idea of sequels instead of remakes. I really enjoyed Tron Legacy because it built on something that already existed. The prequel to The Thing is basically a remake but did a nice trick in pulling the prequel move. I like that a lot. So bravo Scott for pushing for sequels instead of allowing his classics to simply be remade into probably a horrible product.