So Sony seems very confident their reboot of Spider-man is going to do very well. Since they have announced the sequel is already being planned for 2014. Um, first off from what I can tell the reboot isn’t being received very well from actual audience members. When seeing Captain America, the theater I was in most people booed or hissed at the trailer when it was finished. Most people don’t seem to understand why the story is being repeated. The term “too soon” comes up a lot. It seems when it comes to comic book movies studios are very determined to make the sequels work no matter what fans say. Sony standing tall on this remake and WB going along with Green Lantern 2(which I think is a good idea) is proof of that. I guess I should wait and see the The Amazing Spider-man but from the pictures and the teaser trailer I have a fear they have dropped the ball badly, can’t imagine the sequel would be much better.